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Who is Looking after your dog this Summer?

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With the weather looking brighter , the  temperatures rising  and the longer days ahead, it is often the time of year when we are planning our holidays and family get togethers.
It is not always practical to take our dogs with us on holiday ( although we may love to) or to a wedding or 21st Birthday Party and family members don’t always love our four legged friends as much as we do.
Well what are our options for pet care?
The conventional route has always been kennels. There are many different sorts of kennels offering things such as heated pens,luxury beds, walks and all sorts of added extras. Or there is the more basic service of a standard kennel. It’s really up to the individual to choose.
You could ask a family member to look after your dog and maybe this is something they may enjoy. Quite often it is an opportunity for someone who cannot own a dog themselves to ” borrow a dog for a week”
Or perhaps you may like to employ a pet minder.
These days there are many to choose from ( like kennels mentioned earlier)
It is really personal preference at the end of the day , and where you feel that your dog would feel happiest.
Sadly, at this time of year there is an increase in the number of abandoned dogs when people realise that the additional expense of Dog Care was not anticipated for their holidays.
Well what is it for you? Kennel,Friend or Petminder. Each option needs careful consideration.

Choosing the right Dog to suit your Lifestyle (Part 2)

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Carrying on from the questions I put forward to you in the last Blog, here are some further thoughts.
If you live in a small house with limited space both inside and out, it may be more practical to get a smaller, quieter type of dog.
The Top 10 smaller breeds at the moment include Yorkshire  Terriers, Beagles, Poodles, Dachshunds ,Shih Tsus,  Miniature Shnauzers, Chihauhas, French Bulldogs or Shetland Sheepdogs.  Do any of these breeds appeal to you?
However, if you have more space inside and outside of your home, then your choices are a lot wider. ( I will cover these breeds in another blog)
The  next step to consider is your age and health. Plus perhaps your family’s dynamics ,such as having very young children  or teenage children.
Some breeds are very active and remain so for most of their life. These breeds tend to be working breeds such as Collies, Retrievers and Spaniels. Although,  as a rule , most dogs need more exercise when they are young.
Consider the training of your dog. There should always be one family  member prepared to go to puppy socialisation classes and to uphold the training learnt there within the home environment.
Unfortunately, finances must be a consideration when choosing the right dog for you.
As previously mentioned , dogs live on average between 10 to 20 years. The cost of a rescue dog is less, however, often its medical background isn’t known!
The obvious costs such as initial outlay (£100 to £1000) Food, Pet insurance, Bed Lead etc are often considered . However, unknown expense, such as Vet Bills and holiday/daycare often come as a shock.

Next week I will be covering the advantages of owning a dog,and why I feel dogs have such a positive effect on everyone’s life.