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Dog Treats

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When dogs come to stay with us I am always interested in what sort of dog treats the owners will send with them.
As a lifetime owner/lover of dogs I have my own opinions on treats and thought I would share them with you.
Firstly, the idea of a dog having a treat is a human idea. Dogs only think about “food”. So, in my opinion, treats are simply part of a dogs every day diet.
There are many kinds of treats on the market, and most of them have a high price tag and appeal to us humans in the form of packaging, shape and smell etc.
The best dog treats that i would recommend would be natural. Carrot sticks, chopped up apple or even a small portion of the dogs usual daily food would be my choice.
Many people still give their dogs scraps from their own plates.
Whilst this may be gratefully received by the dog, there are many additives that the dog maybe sensitive to. Human food also contains lots of hidden sugar and fats that can contribute to excessive weight gain and poor health.
Spicy foods must never be given to a dog as they could cause serious harm.
If you do decide to give your dog “shop bought treats” then they must be introduced into your dogs diet slowly to assess your dogs tolerance to them.
In my opinion, healthy treats are an important part of rewarding your dog for good behaviour during puppy training and at set times of the day as part of their usual daily routine.
Treats need to be monitored closely and never given excessively