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Dog Food

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People always ask me “What food would you recommend for my dog?”
This is always a difficult question to answer as there are so many things to take into consideration and also so many foods available on the market.
If your dog is a Pedigree and you have bought him /her from a breeder and they ave been fed from a small puppy on a certain brand of food, then i would recommend that they stick to what they are used to (if they have no problems with that food)
My opinion, for what its worth is that most Supermarket Branded foods are generally of a poor quality and i am not a fan of tinned or packet food at all.
A good quality dried food would be my option.
Many brands have a range with no wheat , sugar or other additives. They usually come with a higher price tag, however I think that they are worth the extra cost in terms of the long term Health Benefits.
Many ailments affecting your dogs skin, teeth and digestive tract can be avoided if given this higher quality food.
Recently, there has been a growing market for Raw Dog Food. This isnt for everyone due to the cost and storage. (It is usually bought frozen and requires adequate space in your fridge and freezer.)
Many of my clients feed raw food to their dogs and have seen massive health improvements , their coats are gleaming and they are in great shape too.
As mentioned in my last blog, dog treats are part of your dogs daily diet too and my recommendation is to only use that food or some chopped up raw carrot or apple as a supplement to their diet. Also try not to give human food to dogs as it can be very harmful and also contribute to obesity.