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Have You ever considered a Rabbit as a Pet?

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With many people having extremely busy lifestyles these days, having a pet may not always be an option. However, owning a rabbit (or 2) maybe worth considering.
A pet rabbit maybe kept outside in a hutch, or you may prefer to have a “House Rabbit”
A rabbit needs feeding once a day and needs cleaning out every other day (if they live outside)
They do not need company all day, and many families with children may feel that this level of care and commitment is for them.
The cost of buying a rabbit (and their hutch,food etc) is also far less than that of a dog or cat, and rabbits only live on average until they are 6 or 7.
If you are considering keeping a rabbit in a hutch outside, you would need enough secure space to let them have a run to exercise and also the hutch would need to be in a sheltered position in the Winter months. Some people prefer to put the hutch in a garage (if you have one)
If you intend to have a house rabbit and to house train your rabbit, then be mindful that they can chew through most things including electric wires!
Most people can overcome this issue and keep their pet safe inside.
Rabbits can be bought from many places, but I would recommend a rescue centre, as sadly there usually are a lot of rabbits abandoned.
You can, if you prefer, buy a Pedigree Rabbit from a breeder, but they are a lot more costly.
Having owned rabbits myself,I would advise strongly (if you are getting 2 young rabbits) to be prepared for more baby rabbits as it is quite difficult (even for breeders) to assess which of them are male and female and they can breed from a very young age.
In my opinion , it is sad to get only 1 rabbit as a pet because it is a lonely life for them (in or out of a cage)
Rabbits make lovely pets, not just for children but for the whole family. I would highly recommend them.