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Choosing the right Dog to suit your Lifestyle (Part 2)

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Carrying on from the questions I put forward to you in the last Blog, here are some further thoughts.
If you live in a small house with limited space both inside and out, it may be more practical to get a smaller, quieter type of dog.
The Top 10 smaller breeds at the moment include Yorkshire  Terriers, Beagles, Poodles, Dachshunds ,Shih Tsus,  Miniature Shnauzers, Chihauhas, French Bulldogs or Shetland Sheepdogs.  Do any of these breeds appeal to you?
However, if you have more space inside and outside of your home, then your choices are a lot wider. ( I will cover these breeds in another blog)
The  next step to consider is your age and health. Plus perhaps your family’s dynamics ,such as having very young children  or teenage children.
Some breeds are very active and remain so for most of their life. These breeds tend to be working breeds such as Collies, Retrievers and Spaniels. Although,  as a rule , most dogs need more exercise when they are young.
Consider the training of your dog. There should always be one family  member prepared to go to puppy socialisation classes and to uphold the training learnt there within the home environment.
Unfortunately, finances must be a consideration when choosing the right dog for you.
As previously mentioned , dogs live on average between 10 to 20 years. The cost of a rescue dog is less, however, often its medical background isn’t known!
The obvious costs such as initial outlay (£100 to £1000) Food, Pet insurance, Bed Lead etc are often considered . However, unknown expense, such as Vet Bills and holiday/daycare often come as a shock.

Next week I will be covering the advantages of owning a dog,and why I feel dogs have such a positive effect on everyone’s life.

Choosing the Right Dog to suit your Lifestyle

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Are you thinking of getting a new dog?
Perhaps you have never owned a dog before?
Perhaps you have always had a certain Breed but wish to have a change?
Perhaps your lifestyle has changed?
Having owned and rescued dogs all my life, I have had a lot of experience in matching the right breed/ character type of dog to an owner, and would like to share some of my experience with you.
1. Think about your home. Are you allowed pets?  How big is your home? Have you got an outside enclosed space for a dog?  If so, how much space? If you love your garden are you prepared for damage?
2. Think about your daily routine. Do you work long hours or are you around for most of the day?
3. Think about you lifestyle. Do you like to go on a lot of holidays or have hobbies that involve being out of the house for long periods of time?
4. Think about your age and health. Dogs live between 10 and 20 years on average and need at least 1 good walk a day.
When getting a puppy you are committed for this length of time, for a rescue dog than this is slightly shorter depending on dogs age.
5. Think about the finances of dog ownership. A pedigree dog can cost upwards of £400, not to mention food, insurance, vets bills etc.  Even a rescue dog isn’t free! Most rescue centres charge £100 to cover vaccinations and spaying.
Having considered these 5 points in detail, you will find yourself in a  much better position to do some more research and to make a more informed choice about  which dog is most suitable for you.
I will be doing a further blog next week to look into  the Different Breeds  of dogs or the advantages of rescuing a pedigree or crossbreed dog.

Bonfire Night and your Dog

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As Bonfire Night approaches, many dog owners can become anxious about their animals fear of the loud bangs and noises

caused by Fireworks.
There are many expensive devices sold these days to address this issue, and some dog owners feel the need to visit their Vet

to ask for some calming medication for their dog.

As a lifetime owner and great lover of all things canine, I would like to share a few hints and tips that may help you ( and your dog!)
Please note that the following advice should be started as soon as you get a puppy, because like many fears in humans , the older the dog and the more negative experiences they have,the more difficult it can become to help them.
Firstly, try to be as relaxed as possible whenever the noise of fireworks is heard. Your dog sees you as its Pack Leader, so if you get anxious then they will do too!
Carry on with your usual routine and try not to “overcompensate” and make too much fuss of them.
Keep Firework noises to a minimum by keeping all windows shut. It may be helpful to raise the volume of your TV or radio ( if you are already listening to them)
If your dog barks at the noise of the fireworks, try not to shout at them. They see this noise as a threat to their territory ( rather like the postman or a burglar ) They can become confused if you reprimand them.
Distraction is always the key. Plenty of Strokes and reassurance usually does the trick.
Finally, make  Bonfire Night a positive time for you and your Dog. Enjoy!!!!!

Welcome to my Blog

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Welcome to my Blog. This is where I will write articles and advise on all things doggy day care and dog boarding. Tell you my dog related musing of the day and share with you my knowledge and expertise.

If you have any requests for advise that you would like to see where please get in touch.

Watch this space 🙂



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