21 February 2017

Have You ever considered a Rabbit as a Pet?

21 February 2017,

With many people having extremely busy lifestyles these days, having a pet may not always be an option. However, owning a rabbit (or 2) […]

30 January 2017

Dog Food

30 January 2017,

People always ask me “What food would you recommend for my dog?” This is always a difficult question to answer as there are so […]

23 November 2016

Dog Treats

23 November 2016,

When dogs come to stay with us I am always interested in what sort of dog treats the owners will send with them. As […]

6 September 2016

Separation Anxiety

6 September 2016,

This is a very common challenge that many dog owners have to contend with. Here are my thoughts on this issue and I apologise […]

24 April 2016

Who is Looking after your dog this Summer?

24 April 2016,

With the weather looking brighter , the  temperatures rising  and the longer days ahead, it is often the time of year when we are planning […]