Dog Day Care

Dog Day Care Heswall, Wirral, Merseyside

Are you out at work all day and haven’t got the time to spend with your dog?

Prospect Dog Day Care is a service set up for Dog owners on the Wirral who wish to leave there dog in a ” Home from Home” environment.

He or she will have a good walk each day , will have full access to our secure garden, their food served at the usual time( if required ) ,friends to play with and plenty of love and cuddles.
On returning from work your Dog will be happy and ready to see you with a Wagging Tail!

Dog Day Care

Are you working long hours each day? Is it a struggle getting home each day to walk or let your dog out in the garden? Then we can help.
At Prospect Pets, your dog will be given all the time, care and attention he/ she needs in a loving Home Environment. This includes a walk, food and any medication they may need.
Unlike a Kennel situation, they will have full access to our secure garden and have interaction with humans and other dogs all day. Hence they will return to you both happy and content.
If all of this is of interest , then please feel free to call us. You can make an appointment to come and meet us with your dog to see if you like what you see!
If after that you would feel comfortable leaving him/ her with us then we would suggest a trial day to see if your dog is happy and settled with us.
Ask as many questions as you like . We are massive dog lovers and our aim is to put your mind at rest.

Dog Day Care ( Monday to Friday) 7.30 am to 6 pm £18 per day ( dogs over 18 months)

£20 per day ( dogs under 18 months)

What to look for when searching for a place to leave your Dog for the First Time.

1. Will my dog be safe?
2. Will my dog be happy here?
3. If my dog is ill, will they be taken to vets if I cannot do so myself?
4. Will my dog have enough exercise?
5. Will they get enough rest?
6. Will they be given there medication at the correct time?
7. Will they have enough dog/ human interaction ?
8. Will they continue any discipline I have enforced? (Continuity of Care)

Please note – as an animal lover, Mel also owns a Cat. The cat always stays upstairs so it not an issue for any dog doardings however if this is a concern please advise in the initial meeting.

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